Why Pregnancy and Oral Health Matter

Pregnancy is usually thought to be a time when women are aware of their need for health. They want to make sure that they offer the best options for their developing child. But the thing is, they’re oftentimes not fully aware of the systemic health that comes from their oral health, and oftentimes that has a major impact on the child. 

However, the thing is, it’s super common that this happens, and many times, maintaining the right oral and dental health is oftentimes something that will happen because the woman is experiencing other stuff, including weight gain, nausea, and of course the physical demands that come from this. This oftentimes causes sensitivity and gingivitis in many cases, and pregnancy gingivitis is something that can happen. While it is common, it can cause some concerns with developing children, and it’s important to understand that your oral health matters a lot during pregnancy, and it isn’t something that should be discounted.

The reason being for this is of course because, in the past, we thought that the mouth and gums were separate from the rest of the body.  Oftentimes, gum disease along with bacteria are now involved with general body conditions, including heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, and even respiratory conditions and disease. There have been recent studies that say that oral bacteria, along with their bi-products and such, are able to cross the placenta and of course, into the baby that’s developing within there. This is something that can affect the growth and health of the developing baby.

It might cause anything from inflammatory responses in the mother and baby, to even premature delivery, low birth weight, and other risks. Some babies are born very preterm and have a lot of health conditions that come from this.  This is something that you should consider, and you should always make sure that you maintain optimum health, and always make sure that you seek regular dental care.

For most women though, this is a thing that they don’t really think about. Oftentimes, they will think mostly of seeing their internalist, gynecologist, and of course, the obstetrician.  This is because their main focus is on the baby, but the thing is, seeing a pediatric dentist is very important at this stage too since they play a huge role in transferring the current knowledge that’s there on the subject to mothers which are expectant so that they don’t’ minimize the risks of the preterm delivery, and most likely help to ensure proper delivery.  You want to make sure that the baby’s health and the ability to live is something that you continue to do, so you should definitely ensure and see the effects of this over time, and ensure the proper cautions are undertaken here.

Make sure that you’re maintaining a proper diet, and eating foods that are whole grains, fruits, veggies, and of course, protein and dairy products. Having enough folic acid from fortified bread, leafy veggies, and supplements are good since they’ll help prevent birth defects.  You should also make sure that you have an iron supplement since this is very common during pregnancy in many cases. This is something that you should always make sure you prevent, and having a healthy mouth is important for a healthy baby.

Pregnancy and childbirth are two big things for a woman, but you need to make sure that you have proper oral health in most cases, and you should make sure that you take the time necessary to ensure that you do take care of your health for both you and the child too.