Tooth decay or dental caries are infectious disease processes which cause damage to the tooth structure. Cavities, which are hollowed out holes or spaces, are the most noticeable result so this dental caries.

When left untreated, this leads to tooth loss, pain, and in a lot of cases, death. That’s a very extreme case, and mostly is because of infection. But it can actually enter the brain and kill you. This is usually in a large amount though. Tooth decay usually amounts to more than just drilling and filling, and in the worst of cases, it’ll change your diet, speech, and even the well-being that you have. In this, we’ll talk about how tooth decay is one of the oldest and most widespread diseases, and you’ll find out about how this is an epidemic, and why this is also super preventable.

So, what causes this/ it’s simple: sugars, acids, and of course not taking care of your teeth.

Oral disease for the average person can range from a couple of cavities, to even cancer, and it can cause anything from mild pain and discomfort to even potential issues for a lot of people, to the point where it can be a disability. The sad thing is, that it’s totally preventable.

This is one of the oldest diseases known out there, and what’s sad is that it’s very preventable. While we didn’t see it as much before wheat and grain was introduced, it’s always been there. We’ve always had sugars in our diet, but the thing is, with the way processed foods are these days, riddled with sugar, this has become a worldwide epidemic.  It can affect more than a quarter of children at toddler age and affects half the children that are in their tween years. Most low-income children are the hardest hit, since they don’t get the dental health and treatment that they need to help prevent cavities. It can cause issues including absence from school, low weight, poor appearance, and even social interaction, which might cause issues with you succeeding in life. This is definitely a problem that we need to do something about, since it affects almost all adults over the age of forty, and a quarter of adults over the age of 60 actually have lost all their teeth, mostly because of this. It affects their self-esteem, and it cause nutrition problems.

The cause of this is of course, the acids in the body. We all have bacteria, good and bad. Enamel is mineralized, crystalized in structure, and made out of calcium and phosphate. The teeth are in a saliva bath, and this is something which prevents the environment from being acidic. When you eat sweets or foods laden with carbs, still affect this, making it more acidic in nature, and this environment is loaded with more bacteria. This is of course, more loaded and it has the potential to cause some tooth decay in most people too.

The best way to prevent this is of course, going to your dentist, and seeing them at least biannually, since it’ll help with preventing this as well. You’ll be able to, with this too, create a much better, and a more immersive activity over time.  You’ll also prevent your teeth from getting worse, which is a big part of this, and will help you make an impact on your life.  Take care of your teeth today, and make sure that you prevent tis super preventable disease. It’s second to the common cold but is preventable with the right care and activities.