Bohohemp was born from Emma’s love of stylish, affordable, eco-friendly clothing. Our collection of clothes for women, men and kids is full of high-performing natural materials such as hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and soy. We source beautiful, ethical and highly-sustainable pieces that never compromise on performance and style.

“You could say I have fallen head over heels in love with hemp”

Unique to the UK

When Bohohemp’s founder, Emma Parkinson, stuggled to buy her favourite hemp clothing brands online she decided to be the first to bring them into the UK. Today, she’s delighted to feature some of the world’s leading hemp and ethical clothing brands in her Bohohemp online store. You’ll find many pieces from Canadian designer Nomads and the unique urban Belgium brand Uprise. There are also items from smaller, less known producers providing this extensive range for eco-shoppers everywhere!

Read more about sustainablity at Bohohemp and why the fabrics we use really are that special.

Bohohemp, a personal journey

After university, Emma worked part-time using her degree in environmental science and trained as an aromatherapist – pursuing both of her life’s passions. On her travels she met a woman who ended up becoming a trusted friend and helped her secure a role as a complementary therapist within a cancer charity. A humbling experience she’ll never forget and got so much from.

It was a very spiritually healthy and happy time but it all changed so quickly as my family entered an extremely difficult phase and ironically that was mostly due to cancer. My mother and three other family members died of the disease and then our father struggled with Parkinson’s for five years until he passed away. These were dark times and the coming of my children, Dylan and Alice, was such a gift. They are my inspiration!”

Emma discovered Nomads while searching for sustainable and comfortable clothes she could wear as a therapist. She loved the whole catalogue and was enthralled by the idea of selling organic and fair trade clothing. Bohohemp was born.

What life has taught me is that we only have one life and who knows when that will be taken from us. Take the opportunities life presents and run with the wolves. Be kind, respectful and authentic to each

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