We choose and blend the fabrics of all our garments so they offer the most comfortable fit and natural performance. Although much is know about cotton, other fabrics, like bamboo and hemp, have unique qualities such as increased breathability, extra durability and supreme softness.

Here’s something you may not know about the fabric hemp. It has been used by mankind to make eco clothing since before recorded history and is thought to be the oldest cultivated plant in the world, with uses dating back to the Stone Age.

Below, is a broad mix of all of the qualities our fabrics have and what makes them just so special.

Why Choose Hemp?

Hemp has been used by mankind to make eco-clothing since before recorded history. It’s thought to be world’s oldest cultivated plant, with uses dating back to the Stone Age. The perception that hemp is just for hippies is so wrong as it’s an incredibly high-performing fabric.

Why choose hemp?

  • hemp is the greenest material to use for fabric as it requires no herbicides and no pesticides to grow
  • hemp is both biodegradable and nontoxic
  • hemp is one of the most durable natural fibres that exist, with high tensile strength
  • hemp softens with use and yet remains hardwearing
  • hemp fabrics dye very effectively and retain their colour well over time
  • hemp clothes are highly breathable because of the porous nature of its fibres
  • hemp cloth stays cooler in warm weather and retains heat in cool weather
  • hemp clothing naturally stops up to 95% of the sun’s harmful UV light

Why Choose Organic Cotton?

The environmental catastrophe that comes with conventional cotton production is widely known, with issues including extensive agrochemical use, monocropping and immense water requirements topping the list of unfriendly growing practises. However, organic cotton doesn’t use anything from this cocktail of pesticides and fertilisers sprayed on the conventional crop.

Why Choose Soy?

Sometimes known as ‘vegetable cashmere’ because of its luxurious and soft texture, the soy fabric is soft, easy to care for and absorbs and holds dyes well. Using soy fabric is good for our planet as it is made from fibres spun from the leftovers of the soy food industry.
Why choose soy?

  • soy has minimal environmental impact – the fibre biodegrades more quickly than oil-based products like polyester, so its use has minimal environmental impact
  • soy is so biodegradable that you could throw it on your compost when it wears out
  • soy cloth is light and silky soft, with just a little stretch
  • soy has excellent absorption qualities which allows perspiration to evaporate, making it cool and comfortable during hot weather
  • soy is anti-bacterial due to its moisture management
  • soy protects from the sun with its UV resistant qualities

Why Choose Bamboo?

Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool. It is one of the world’s most sustainable resources and the fabric is strong, versatile and incredibly soft. Bamboo plants grown in dense forests  return 30% more oxygen to the atmosphere than trees and it takes much less energy to grow and sustain bamboo than other similar trees and plants used for fibre production. Bamboo also requires very little water and can survive drought conditions as well as flooding.


Why choose bamboo?

  • bamboo is moisture wicking, absorbing moisture away from your skin to keep you drier
  • bamboo is anti-bacterial, so it stays fresher for longer
  • bamboo cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays so great for travel
  • bamboo performs well in all temperatures. It’s warm to wear and also breathable

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