Ethical clothing – a choice worth making

Buying sustainable fashion is similar to buying organic food – there is a small premium to pay and with it comes the guarantee that what you’re getting is natural and the real deal. It doesn’t get more real than Bohohemp’s clothes for women, men and kids that are free from pesticides and chemicals, created by manufacturing processes that have had as little impact as possible on our planet.

Ethical fashion is now becoming more integrated in the mainstream fashion industry and major retailers, including M&S, Topshop and H&M have added their own ethical ranges. The Ethical Fashion Forum acknowledges that the world of fashion is changing. Social and environmental issues are increasingly becoming key to consumer choice and practices of the fashion industry as a whole are coming under closer scrutiny.

Become your own ethical consumer

You do bring about change with sustainable fashion. A growing number of us are choosing green goods and services and the economists have seen a boom in the UK’s ethical market. It increased by 9% in 2013, according to the latest Ethical Consumer Markets Report. And growth in the UK means so much to the ethical suppliers we partner with and their producers from around the world.

You don’t have to compromise on fashion or your principals to look good. Bohohemp gives you peace of mind that you’re buying sustainable hemp and natural fibre clothes through conscious consumerism.

Did you know?

Expenditure on green goods and services has grown by 18% over the last two years despite the economic downturn.

The ethical market in the UK was worth  £43.2 billion in 2009 compared to £36.5 billion in 2007, against the background of 1% growth in overall household expenditure over this period.

Ethical and personal products, including clothing and cosmetics were the fastest growing sector, increasing by 29% over 2 years to reach  £1.8 billion.

Sales of ethical clothing grew by 72% to reach £177 million, while charity shop sales grew by 62% to £340 million.

Co-operative Bank Ethical Consumerism Report 2010

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