So although quiet on the blog. It has been far from quiet in promoting Poco Rosso. We have released our second collection for SS16 and now we are out and about promoting it 🙂 Meeting independent retailers, forecasters, bigger businesses and ofcourse the ethical fashion shops.

Its all new again for me – a steep learning curve – I feel like an amateur again!!! But ofcourse this is not the case but its very different getting out there and promoting your own brand. It carrys so much more meaning as you have put everything into getting these garments to the marketplace but at the same time, if its not what people are looking for then its harder to swallow. But it toughens your resolve. Makes you really want to explain to people what its all about.

As you know I’m passionate about hemp. It’s just a no brainer using it in kids clothing as it’s so strong as a fibre and completely chemical free. Very simple design, no fuss, at a very affordable price. We do this in such an environmentally efficient way that  we can keep the prices down. A garment that is high quality,  practical, funky vibrant colours that your children will love to wear.